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The Effectiveness of Learning through Visual and Aural Methods in the Early Years

Language learning is exciting. It opens a portal to a whole new world. For young children, who are our greatest learners, language learning exposes them to so much more than language itself. It opens their minds to excelled growth, literacy, numeracy, cultural understanding and a love of learning.

We are passionate about the benefits of learning a second language in the early years. This is the fundamental principle of the Adventures of Yopane. With dedication, refinement and academic understanding, this programme has been developed to ignite language learning passion and boost a child’s learning success.

A Unique Programme – Why it Works

The Adventures of Yopane uses a distinct structure which consists of three integral parts:

  1. A story which presents language learning in three parts. Each part is followed by a vocabulary-building activity. It uses a child’s love of stories to immerse them in to both a new language and varied concepts.
  2. Animated role-play games which require the child to engage in the story and build confidence with the language and concepts introduced through repetition. Role-play games are short but interactive usually lasting around 3 minutes.
  3. Activity books to extend and consolidate learning in a fun and productive way.

This structure was not stumbled upon by accident. It is the result of conscious understanding of how young children learn and acquire language. The structure enables an immersive language teaching method. This makes it both ideal and successful for excelling a child in their mother tongue or building their foundations in a second language.

Furthermore, young children are not silo learners. Their minds do not work within the confines of a school timetable with different subjects. Instead, they can easily and enjoyably absorb knowledge on a range of concepts – from geography to maths, or language to history – all in the same learning period.

Unlike many language learning programmes which focus solely on teaching vocabulary, the Adventures of Yopane focuses on immersion in language but also mathematical concepts, problem-solving, cultural awareness, art, geography, history and more. This is truly unique and provides our youngest learners with an incredible head start with their future learning.

The Programme in Practice

Let us explain what you can expect from the course by using as an example the Beginner Programme.

The subscription to the Beginner Programme centres on three stories: Mademoiselle La Chouette’s Birthday, Lady Gwen the Magic Tree and The Fairies of the Four Seasons.

Weaved in to each story and reinforced in the role play games and activities, the learner covers a myriad of learning objectives. This includes greetings and introductions, learning colours, counting, animal recognition, talking about yourself and your family and more. For further information on the topics and learning objectives covered, click here.

To enable parents and teachers to use our resources with flexibility, the Adventures of Yopane is offered on a subscription basis.

Subscribe to Our Beginner Programme

To purchase a subscription to our Beginner Programme at our discounted rate of 50% off (offer available until 29th February 2020), please contact Isabel Serra at:

Your subscription will give you access to three books (each book is organised around three separate parts with activities), nine animated role-play games and nine activity books for period of 4 months. You will be able to stream the videos on our website and download the books and activity books.

In addition to the books, videos and activity books you will also receive a downloadable teacher/parent manual for each story.

Discover for yourself what makes the Adventures of Yopane such a powerful learning method by subscribing today!