Pre-Intermediate Level – The Programme

Topics & Activities
Three Books & Nine Videos

Stories 1 to 3 are presented in the form of books (with audio) and the role-play games are animated. The books and videos support the development of solid listening, speaking, reading and writing skills…

Nine Activity Books

The activities are designed to support early learning and development. The specific learning areas include language and literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts and design…

The Educational Stories 

In these three educational stories of the Pre-Intermediate Programme, the three children discover new cultures and in the process develop strong geographical and historical knowledge. Edward, Gaston and Elena, discover the underwater world, travel through Africa and go back in time to learn about ancient civilisations and meet historical figures.

Meris the Dolphin

BOOK COVER Series 2 - Part 1 - Meris the DolphinSynopsis

Meris the dolphin wants to build a special submarine to show children the wonders of the underwater world. He meets with Amadeus and the butterflies in summer camp to discuss his idea. Unfortunately, his friends do not have the knowledge needed to undertake such a project. They know just the people for the job! Mr. Longview and the children could assist. The butterflies meet with Mr. Longview, Edward, Gaston and Elena to talk about Meris’ project. The children are excited and dedicate themselves to the task of putting together a special underwater machine. They make an original submarine, inspired in part by the Nautilus, a creation of their friend Jules Verne. As for Mr. Longview, he contributes by adding some of his secret potion!  Meris is delighted, and to express his gratitude, he invites the children on a magical trip to explore the underwater world.

Rex the Lion

BOOK COVER Series 2 - Part 1 - Rex the LionSynopsis

Rex the lion is travelling across Africa. On his journey, he meets a fellow magical animal named Little El. Little El is a small but special elephant and his mission is to rescue abandoned animals. Rex admires his friend’s kindness and decides to help him by building nurseries for the animals, throughout Africa. He asks Boris the pigeon to deliver a message to Mr. Longview asking for some of Lutinia’s magic wood, as well as pleading for a few drops of his secret potion to make his plan work. Edward, Gaston and Elena get involved by gathering some ideas from their friends ‘the Inventors’ in Imaginarium. They then take to the skies in Madame Irma’s aeroplane to travel to various countries in Africa to assist in building what become wonderfully spacious and friendly nurseries. Little El’s mission is a triumph of kindness and good will! To express his gratitude, he invites the children to explore Africa on a magical journey where wonder awaits.

Gustave the Condor & Eustace the Eagle

BOOK COVER Series 2 -Part 1 - Gustave the Condor and Eustace the EagleSynopsis

Gustave the condor and Eustace the eagle are magical animals who have had many adventures in the ‘World of Children’. They are returning to Lutinia after having lived in both North and South America for many years. However, before going back home, they want to go on one last adventure to discover more about the history of the Americas using Olghar’s time machine. Olghar agrees to lend them his time machine enabling the two friends to set off on this exciting new journey. They discover the Olmec, the Maya, the Inca and the Aztec civilizations. However, whilst meeting Christopher Columbus, there is disaster! They lose the time machine! Olghar sends a message to Edward, Gaston and Elena asking for their assistance with a riddle. In order to solve it, the children need to use both their knowledge of the history of the Americas and ability to use their imaginations.

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