Pre-Advanced Level – The Programme

Topics & Activities
Three Books & Nine Videos

The three educational stories are each organised around three books (with audio) and nine videos. The books and videos support the development of solid listening, speaking, reading and writing skills…

Nine Activity Books

The activities are designed to support the topics covered in the books and related videos. The specific learning areas include language and literacy, cultural awareness and mathematics…

The Educational Stories 

In these three educational stories of the Pre-Advanced Programme, Edward, Gaston and Elena, continue learning about new cultures. They discover ancient Egypt, travel through India and go back in time to ancient India and ancient Greece.

Lucius Travels to Egypt


Lucius and his cousin Ali are fascinated by the history of Egypt. One day, whilst visiting Giza, they make two wishes in front of the Great Sphinx. The first is to meet Ramesses II and the second is to meet Hemiunu, the architect of the Great Pyramid of Giza. To their surprise, a magic door opens and the two friends are whisked away to ancient Egypt. They discover two of Ramesses’ II most important architectural achievements: the Ramesseum and the Abu Simbel temples. They then find themselves inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, where they are given a riddle to solve, before meeting Hemiunu. Unfortunately, Lucius and Ali are not very good with riddles. What will they do? Thankfully, Olghar, the time travelling elf, who is on holiday in ancient Egypt, suggests sending a message to Edward, Gaston and Elena. The children are master riddle-solvers and have become experienced time travellers!                                                                                                                                                                                        

Gaius Travels to India


While reading one of Mr. Longview’s science books, Gaius discovers that, in the ‘World of Children’, a lotus flower with special powers exists. The book mentions that the flower’s petals contain magic riddles and that more information about it can be found in Varanasi, India. Gaius travels to the beautiful city situated in South Asia. He meets with his friend Rinpoche who informs him that the flower is hidden in a monastery in the city of Sarnath near Varanasi. Gaius, Rinpoche as well as Edward, Gaston and Elena travel to the monastery and meet a magical bird named Alma. The magnificent mythical creature informs the children that they will be given the flower’s magic petals when they visit the island of Spero, near Imaginarium. In the meantime, she tells them the enchanting story of how it was brought to the monastery. The children embark on an extraordinary trip back in time and meet a mysterious prince.

Around the World in One Night


Madame Irma and Baz the falcon are best friends. One day, whilst conversing about the many places they visited in the ‘World of Children’, they come up with the idea of having a race. To win, they would need to go around the ‘World of Children’ in one night. Baz, who is very fast, is confident that he can win so he decides to leave later than Madame Irma. However, by the time he finally departs, she has already finished the race! Baz is very disappointed and suggests a rematch with Madame Irma. She accepts and this time challenges Baz to a race back in time using Olghar’s time machine! Baz agrees provided he can be assisted by Edward, Gaston and Elena who are resourceful and experienced time travellers. Madame Irma, Baz and the children travel back in time to ancient Greece and meet Aesop. To win the contest, they need to solve the tricky riddle the wise Greek fabulist has masterfully prepared for them.                                             

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