Intermediate Level – The Programme

Topics & Activities
Three Books & Nine Videos

Stories 1 to 3 are presented in the form of books (with audio) and the role-play games are animated. The books and videos support the development of solid listening, speaking, reading and writing skills…

Nine Activity Books

The activities are designed to support early learning and development. The specific learning areas include language and literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts and design…

The Educational Stories

In these three educational stories of the Intermediate Programme, Edward, Gaston and Elena, learn about new cultures and in the process develop strong geographical and historical knowledge. They discover The People’s Republic of China, travel through Japan and go back in time to ancient China and Imperial Russia.

Liu the Panda

BOOK COVER Series 2 - Part 2 - Liu the PandaSynopsis

Liu the panda is travelling in the People’s Republic of China. During the course of her journey, she receives a message from her friend Ju who is worryingly ill. To get better, Ju needs to drink a potion made with a rare white flower which only grows in the Himalayas. The flower is protected by Xue the mighty snow leopard. Xue will only agree to give the rare flower to children who can demonstrate their knowledge of the world. She often asks questions about Chinese history and particularly about the teachings of Laozi. Liu invites Edward, Gaston and Elena to explore China and then they travel back in time using Olghar’s time machine to meet Laozi. After that, they head off to the Himalayas to meet Xue. The children impress the magical snow leopard with what they have learnt. She rewards them with the rare white flower and assists them in making the potion which helps Ju get better.

Akiko the Nightingale

BOOK COVER Series 2 - Part 2 - Akiko the NightingaleSynopsis

Akiko the nightingale lives in a small village near Tokyo, Japan. Her songs inspire and support the villagers in their daily routines. One day she sadly loses her voice. The villagers are worried because Akiko’s songs are an important part of their daily lives. Boris the pigeon delivers the news of the magical nightingale to Mina the elf. Mina wants to help her friend and travels to Japan with one of Mr. Longview’s magical voice potions. It does not work! Still trying to solve the problem, Boris suggests going to Hokkaido and meeting his friends, the red crowned cranes. Together with Edward, Gaston and Elena, they set off to the Japanese island where Akiko not only recovers her voice but also learns an impressive new magical dance. When she returns to her village, she delights everyone with her rejuvenated voice and rhythmic new moves. The children continue their adventures to discover Japan.

Tatyana the Little Mouse

BOOK COVER Series 2- Part 2 - Tatyana the Little MouseSynopsis

Tatyana the little mouse lives in St. Petersburg, Russia. She enjoys spending time at the Mariinsky Theatre, listening to music and watching the ballet. Her friend Nicolay resides in Peterhof Palace and dedicates his time to discovering new treasures. The two little mice are looking for new excitement and invite their friend Rosa the elf who is known in Lutinia for her great surprises. Rosa is delighted with the invitation and travels to Russia with Olghar, the time travelling elf. She surprises her two friends with a trip back in time. The two magical animals are thrilled and set off on an exciting journey where they meet historical figures. Unfortunately, whilst travelling, Tatyana and Nicolay encounter a problem! To rescue them, Olghar and Rosa request Edward, Gaston and Elena’s assistance with a riddle. To solve it, the children need to use both their knowledge of the history of Imperial Russia and delve in to their imaginations. 

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