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Topics & Activities
Three Books & Nine Videos

Stories 1 to 3 are presented in the form of books (with audio) and the role-play games are animated. The books and videos support the development of solid listening, speaking, reading and writing skills…

Nine Activity Books

The activities are designed to support early learning and development. The specific learning areas include language and literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts and design…

The Educational Stories 

In these three educational stories of the Elementary Programme, the three delightful children continue with their magical travels. On their way they introduce their home countries in Europe and learn about the lives and works of three important historical figures.

Fredo’s Easter Moulds

BOOK COVER Series 1 - Part 2 - Fredo's Easter MouldsSynopsis

It is Easter in the ‘World of Children’ and Edward, Gaston and Elena are enjoying their holiday. In Lutinia, Boris the pigeon brings Hugo the magpie a message from Fredo the Easter rabbit. There is a problem unfolding. All the moulds in Fredo’s factory have disappeared! What will he do if he cannot make his Easter chocolates? Hugo is keen to help and decides to use Mr. Longview’s secret potion. First, however, they must make new moulds. Casting his mind back, he remembers that the children are skilled at making things as well as having great imaginations. He sends them an urgent message asking for their help. Edward, Gaston and Elena travel to Fredo’s factory and succeed in making moulds in various shapes. Hugo adds a few drops of Mr. Longview’s secret potion to the mix. Fredo is delighted and offers special Easter surprise eggs to the children with magic watches inside!

Lutinia’s Magical Orchestra

BOOK COVER Series 1 - Part 2 - Lutinia's First Magic OrchestraSynopsis

Edward, Gaston and Elena have many after-school hobbies. The children are interested in sports, science, art, literature and music. In Lutinia, Mademoiselle La Chouette wants to surprise the magical animals and elves by building a special concert hall. She asks her good friend, Maestro the music elf, for some assistance. Maestro is more than happy to help and travels back in time with Olghar, the time travelling elf, to get some ideas. When Maestro and Olghar return, they build a magnificent concert hall. Meanwhile, the children expend their efforts making musical instruments with Lutinia’s magic wood with a little help from Mr. Longview’s secret potion. On opening night, the musical instruments play together in the newly built concert hall and become Lutinia’s first magical orchestra!                                                                                               

The Trip to Imaginarium

BOOK COVER Series 1 - Part 2 - The Trip to ImaginariumSynopsis

It is the beginning of the school year for Edward, Gaston and Elena and they are very excited. Meanwhile, in summer camp, the butterflies are preparing for their trip to Europe. Linda, Flavia, Rosalia and Viola are looking forward to learning about European geography and history with the help of their friends. They start their trip by exploring the children’s home countries and, whilst doing so, meet Olghar, the time travelling elf. Olghar is heading to the Convention of Time Travellers in Imaginarium, the land of mythical beings, where illustrious historical figures gather to share their inventions. The butterflies and children ask to join him and embark on a magical adventure where they meet Leonardo da Vinci, Jules Verne and Nikola Tesla. Guided by their new friends, the children learn about the value of combining knowledge with imagination.

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