Benefits of the programme for 3 to 9 year olds

What are the Benefits of the Programme for 3 to 9 year olds?

The programme is child-focused. It was designed to capture a child’s imagination through storytelling and transform them into engaged and willing learners.  Fostering a child’s intrinsic motivation for learning is pivotal in supporting emotional, social and cognitive development.

A Unique Programme – Why it Works

The Adventures of Yopane is a unique programme for immersing children from 3 to 9 years old in to a second language (French, Spanish or English), but also in to a love of learning.

It uses a distinct structure which consists of three integral parts:

  1. A story which presents language learning in three parts. Each part is followed by a vocabulary-building activity. It uses a child’s love of stories to immerse them in to both a new language and varied concepts.
  2. Animated role-play games which require the child to engage in the story and build confidence with the language and concepts introduced through repetition. Role-play games are short but interactive usually lasting around 3 minutes.
  3. Activity books to extend and consolidate learning in a fun and productive way. 

This structure was not stumbled upon by accident. It is the result of conscious understanding of how young children learn and acquire language. The structure enables an immersive language teaching method. This makes it both ideal and successful for excelling a child in their mother tongue or building their foundations in a second language.

Furthermore, young children are not silo learners. Their minds do not work within the confines of a school timetable with different subjects. Instead, they can easily and enjoyably absorb knowledge on a range of concepts – from geography to maths, or language to history – all in the same learning period.

Unlike many language learning programmes which focus solely on teaching vocabulary, the Adventures of Yopane focuses on immersion in language but also mathematical concepts, problem-solving, cultural awareness, art, geography, history and more. This is truly unique and provides our youngest learners with an incredible head start with their future learning.

Why Learn a Second Language in the Early Years? Why Do It This Way?

Parents and teachers alike are highly familiar with the immense speed at which language develops in a child’s early years. We know and understand this on a fundamental level when we consider the acquisition of the mother tongue. It’s taken for granted that it just ‘happens’ as we speak to, with and around our young children.

However, longitudinal studies, such as one by Harvard University, demonstrate that this extends to second languages too. What’s more, the studies go further to explain the phenomenon that learning these second languages at this young age increases an incredible range of abilities including critical thinking skills and flexibility of the mind.

These children go on to do better across the curriculum, not simply in languages or literacy alone. As the Harvard study explains: “The brain, like any muscle, functions better with exercise.” Learning second languages through carefully developed programmes such as the Adventures of Yopane exercises that muscle, giving it strength for development across the board.

The evidence shows how delivering accessible and comprehensive language programmes to children as young as three is an enormous gift we can give for their future learning. It’s about laying incredibly strong foundations. It’s not about hot-housing, or putting academic pressure on a child, but about giving them the framework that makes future success possible in a natural and enjoyable way.

Deliver the learning in a broad spectrum programme which uses a variety of learning methods geared towards different types of learners, like the Adventures of Yopane, and you have an intensely powerful tool.

A Teaching Resource for Educators and Parents

The Adventures of Yopane is a teaching resource and language learning course suitable for use by teachers as well as being ideal for use in the home by parents or for homeschooling. The programme is structured around six language levels and can be delivered in the most appropriate way for your setting, across a timescale unique to your learner/s.

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