Beginner Level – The Programme

Topics & Activities
Three Books & Nine Videos

Stories 1 to 3 are presented in the form of books (with audio) and the role-play games are animated. The books and videos support the development of solid listening, speaking, reading and writing skills…

Nine Activity Books

The activities are designed to support early learning and development. The specific learning areas include language and literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts and design…

The Educational Stories 

In these three educational stories of the Beginner Programme, Yopane, the land of Lutinia’s storyteller, introduces us to three children who embark on travels filled with mystery and magic. Edward from England, Gaston from France and Elena from Spain, go on extraordinary adventures and share the valuable lessons they learn.

Mademoiselle La Chouette’s Birthday

BOOK COVER Series 1 - Part 1 - Mademoiselle La Chouette's BirthdaySynopsis

It is Mademoiselle La Chouette’s birthday. The land of Lutinia’s magical inhabitants are excited and busy with preparations. Mr. Longview, Lutinia’s science teacher, makes magic birthday candles. When they are blown out, the smoke transforms into different animal shapes in a rainbow of colours! As for Madame Irma, Dolce and Yopane, they decide to bake Mademoiselle La Chouette’s favourite and most delicious chocolate cake. However, there is a problem. The required ingredients are not available in Lutinia. They need help! They turn to Edward, Gaston and Elena asking them to bring the ingredients they need. In return Yopane invites them to Mademoiselle La Chouette’s birthday party. The children are eagerly excited and decide to make special birthday cards with the magic cameras Mr. Longview gave them. Mademoiselle La Chouette is delighted with her chocolate cake, magic birthday candles and of course the children’s birthday cards!

Lady Gwen the Magical Tree


Lady Gwen is Lutinia’s mysterious and magical tree. One morning, Ludo the rooster discovers Lady Gwen asleep and is concerned as this is strange. Lady Gwen never sleeps. Everyone is sad and worried including the colourful birds on her branches and the daisies that surround her. The magical animals and elves try to wake her up without success. Then a message floats from one of her branches. It requests that they combine their efforts to make a teddy.  Mr. Longview has magic sewing machines but unfortunately he does not have instructions on how to make a teddy! What will they do? Yopane sends a message to Edward, Gaston and Elena inviting them to Lutinia and imploring them to bring the instructions. With Mr. Longview’s assistance, the children make an incredible singing and dancing teddy. Lady Gwen wakes up and rewards the children by giving them magic seeds.

The Fairies of the Four Seasons

BOOK COVER Series 1 - Part 1 - The Fairies of the Four Seasons


It is the day of the treasure hunt in Lutinia. Mr. Longview and Mademoiselle La Chouette hide treasure in the bushes. Whilst looking for the treasure, Madame Irma finds four big spheres next to her aeroplane. Yopane takes them to Mr. Longview who explains that these are magical spheres belonging to the fairies of the four seasons. He describes how they will open when a full moon appears. However, the fairies will not be able to stay in Lutinia and will have to return to the ‘World of Children’.  Mr. Longview makes a spell but requires the children’s knowledge of the four seasons to complete it. Yopane sends a message to Edward, Gaston and Elena inviting them to Lutinia to once again help. The children make impressive information cards about the four seasons. The spell is a success and the fairies return home leaving behind three magic globes for the children.

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