Advanced Level – The Programme

Topics & Activities 
Three Books & Nine Videos

The three educational stories are each organised around three books (with audio) and nine videos. The books and animated games support the development of solid listening, speaking, reading and writing skills…

Nine Activity Books

The activities are designed to support the topics covered in the books and related videos. The specific learning areas include language and literacy, cultural awareness and mathematics…

The Educational Stories

In these three educational stories of the Advanced Programme, Edward, Gaston and Elena, reach the end of the first part of their learning and share the lessons they have learnt.

The Book of Memories


Lady Gwen invites Edward, Gaston and Elena to write about their adventures in the prestigious ‘Book of Memories’ which belongs to a wise elf named Aref. Aref lives on the island of Spero near Imaginarium. The children are flattered by this great honour and travel to the mysterious island with Olghar, the time travelling elf. They discover Aref’s invisible palace and embark on an enchanting new journey. They encounter mythical creatures and share the numerous lessons they have learnt on their many amazing adventures.  They also meet with Alma, the magical bird, again. She finally gives them the petals, containing magic riddles, she once promised. The children are tasked with solving the first two riddles, leading to them discovering how to travel back in time without using Olghar’s time machine. As for the third riddle, it remains on the enigmatic island until the children’s next visit.                                                                                                

The Potion of Imagination


Edward, Gaston and Elena are returning to the island of Spero. The time has come to find the third riddle and embark on another extraordinary journey to solve it. The conundrum has two parts. The first leads to the children uncovering a special key in the shape of a lotus flower which unlocks a magic door in Lady Gwen’s roots. When the door opens, the children are whisked away to Imaginarium. They find themselves in Queen Aubrey’s sumptuous castle and are met by a very old elf named Agapito, as well as a fairy of light named Cybele.  With the assistance of the two magical creatures, Edward, Gaston and Elena, create a powerful energy. The children call it the ‘Potion of Imagination’. However, to learn how to use it, they need to solve the second part of the riddle. Agapito and Cybele conceal the precious energy in the castle until Edward, Gaston and Elena’s next visit.                                                          

The Magical Trees


Edward, Gaston and Elena are thrilled to be back in Imaginarium to solve the second part of the third riddle. Agapito and Cybele have invited a prestigious guest to guide the children on their final adventure before their graduation. This mysterious visitor is none other than Aubrey, the Queen of Imaginarium! Queen Aubrey takes Edward, Gaston and Elena on an extraordinary learning journey. The children discover that the energy they created transforms into special light compasses meant to guide them on their travels in time. With Queen Aubrey’s guidance, the children learn how to use them wisely. After successfully completing all the tasks set by Queen Aubrey, Edward, Gaston and Elena travel to Lutinia for their graduation ceremony. During this event, the children visit Lady Gwen who has a surprise for them. The three youngsters are marvelled when they find out what their magic seeds grew into!                    

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