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The Team

Behind the development of The Adventures of Yopane is Kids Creative Lingo Ltd. and their founder and CEO, Isabel Serra. A London-based Modern Foreign Language (MFL) teacher with over 15 years’ experience across primary, secondary and adult educational sectors, Isabel was driven to develop a language learning programme that truly inspired a love of learning in children. The goal was to create something which laid the foundations for language success but, in the process, considered the wider needs of the young child learner.

Following extensive research into how our youngest learners learn a second language, The Adventures of Yopane began to take shape. The focus was on using stories and role-play games to develop interest with solid language acquisition. Further skills that are targeted include academic skills and the development of cultural awareness and understanding.

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You can now subscribe to the Programme and get access to our high-quality language teaching resources. For further information and to subscribe, please click on the following link: https://www.theadventuresofyopane.com/shop/

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